Monthly Archives: September 2009

One Year After Lehman: Obama on Wall Street, the New China Trade War, Summers on Unemployed

Today's Coffee and Markets podcast focuses on President Obama's speech today on Wall Street, the latest trade war with the Chinese, and the ramifications of Larry Summers' predictions of longterm unemployment being "unacceptably high."

Try To Praise The Mutilated World

Today's Coffee and Markets podcast focuses on our remembrances of the attacks of September 11th, 2001, their aftermath, and their effects on the world at large.

Deconstructing Obama's Health Care Speech

Today's podcast focuses on President Obama's remarks last night on health care, the ramifications for the new things he said and didn't say, and what the costs will be for Americans, the health industry, and the broader economy.

Obama's Big Health Care Speech to Congress

The President has realized that his still-vague plans for shifting America's health insurance system toward increased governmental control are running aground, is turning once again to his reliable tactics of the 2008 campaign: delivering what is billed as a big, important speech in front of people who adore him -- in this case, his dominant majorities in the House and Senate.

Corporate Earnings and the Limits of Stimulus

Today's Coffee and Markets podcast focuses on what the next few months will bring for the stock market, the upcoming corporate earnings reports, China's economy, and the limits of stimulus -- global recovery, or questionable path?

Cars and Houses: The Dying American Suburb

Today's podcast focuses on why you'd ever want a Cadillac, and what the housing-market collapse has done in the hardest-hit areas in the country -- specifically, suburban California. Are suburbs really halving in value? What are the societal ramifications of it not making economic sense to live in suburbs?

Is Your Credit Score Less Important Than You Think?

Today's Coffee and Markets podcast focuses on the overrated importance of your credit score -- not to say that it doesn't matter, but occasionally, it makes rational sense at a personal level to ignore its ramifications.

August Auto Sales and the Bear Exceptions

Francis Cianfrocca joins Ben Domenech for the latest edition of Coffee & Markets, a series of brief morning podcasts on politics and the marketplace. Today's conversation focuses on the August numbers from the auto industry -- what they mean for Ford, GM, and you -- and a unique perspective on stock and bond prices.

Hank Paulson, Master of Disaster

Francis Cianfrocca joins Ben Domenech for the Tuesday, September 1st edition of Coffee & Markets. Today's podcast focuses on Todd Purdum's Vanity Fair profile of Henry Paulson, which contains some fascinating anecdotes about Paulson's time during the financial crisis.