Monthly Archives: October 2009


GDP Grows, Consumer Spending Plummets on the Eve of the Holiday Season

Today's podcast focuses on the fallout in the wake of yesterday's GDP number, the reports this morning of the fall in Consumer Spending, and what the holiday shopping season could bring -- for good and for ill -- to the American economy.


Is the Recession Over? And AIG's 100 Cent Payoff

Today's Coffee and Markets podcast focuses on the latest Bloomberg report on the AIG backstory and Tim Geithner's role in determining the size of the taxpayer bailout while President of the New York Fed, and a discussion on the latest GDP numbers -- what they mean and what they don't.


George Soros's War on the Free Market

Today's podcast focuses on Christina Romer's comments about a VAT, and George Soros's latest efforts against the free market: the creation of a $50 million thinktank, intended to be endowed with more than $200 million, focused on the effort of ending the free market and making the case for massive government regulation.

Harry Reid's Gambit: Is Opting Out a Gimmick?

Today's podcast focuses on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's announcement that the government-run health care plan will be included in the Senate version of health care legislation, while giving states the ability to opt-out.

Whatever Happened to All Those TARP Funds?

Today's Coffee and Markets podcast focuses on Neil Barofsky's IG report covering the uncontrolled ramifications of the TARP program, its lack of anti-fraud measures, and how much the taxpayers will end up paying for it all.

Rate Rumors and Reid's Health Care Failure

Today's podcast focuses on the rumors circulating about the Federal Reserve's plans for an interest rate hike, and an update on where things stand on health care reform on Capitol Hill in the wake of a failed vote on doctor's payments.

The Executive Pay Crackdown and Too Big to Fail Policy Explained

Today's Coffee and Markets podcast focuses on the White House's latest actions capping executive pay on Wall Street and an interesting take one blogger has on those troublesome Too Big to Fail policies.

Hank Paulson's Secret Goldman Sachs Meeting

Today's Coffee and Markets podcast focuses on Hank Paulson's secret meeting with Goldman Sachs, as reported by Andrew Ross Sorkin and hashed out by Felix Salmon, and whether it's really worthy of all this internet conspiracy theory hullabaloo.

The New Home-Buyers' Big Tax Credit Fraud

Today's podcast focuses on the fallout over the level of fraud in the $8,000 tax credit for new home-buyers on Capitol Hill, and whether it will prevent Congress from extending the credit program for another year.

Insider Trading and More Bonus Blowback

Today's Coffee and Markets podcast focuses on the arrests of Galleon hedge fund partner Raj Rajaratnam and the coming Federal crackdown on insider trading, as well as David Axelrod's comments this weekend about the bonus culture of Wall Street.

Capitalism and Culture: The War on Wall Street

Today's Coffee and Markets podcast covers the debate over capitalism in America, particularly focusing on AEI President Arthur Brooks' thesis about the way voters perceive the crisis and what it means for capitalism's future.

Health Care Fallout: Insurers, Unions Turn on Bill

Today's Coffee and Markets podcast focuses on the Senate Finance Committee's passage of the Chairman's Mark, the fallout for the insurance industry, and the broader ramifications for the marketplace.