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Bargain Hunting and Our New Economic Reality

So, how was Black Friday for you? For retailers, it was a time to go looking for small reasons for optimism, but the comparison to 2008 is essentially flat. How will the markets react, and what's the deal with Dubai? We'll discuss it all on the latest edition of Coffee and Markets.


Dubai Causes a Black Friday for Global Markets

News from Dubai is rocking and rolling world markets today, as an $80 billion default could spawn a broad wave of activity and expose the tenuous status of the banking system. We're talking global markets on the Black Friday edition of Coffee and Markets.


America's Debt and Our Economic Future

How much do we really owe to China? Will America's exploding debt hamper the US economy for decades to come? Is there any path out of this? We discuss all this and more on today's Coffee and Markets.


2010 Preview: Who Should be Worried?

What is the fallout from the health care fight going to do to midterm elections next year? Are moderate Democrats going to feel the heat? We discuss all this and more on today's Coffee and Markets.

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Black Friday, Rate Concerns and Stimulus Assessment

Black Friday predictions run from pessimistic to disastrous, negative interest rates worry the markets, and the New York Times makes ridiculous claims about the success of the stimulus. We discuss all this and more on today's Coffee and Markets.


Negative Interest Rates, Fed Audits, and Geithner in the Dock

Negative interest rates finally materialize, Tim Geithner falls on his face at Congress, and the House moves forward with their policy of gutting the Federal Reserve. That's three big stories to talk about on today's Coffee and Markets.


Reid's Massive Health Care Mess

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has finally brought out the health care bill he's fashioned behind closed doors over the past several weeks, and it ain't pretty. It's a massive piece of legislation, but will it actually solve any of America's health care problems?


Jobs: An Economic Problem or a Political Problem?

The Democrat leadership in Washington is terrified that people will start blaming them for historically high unemployment levels, despite their best efforts to create or save jobs in Texas District 85 and elsewhere.


Is America Becoming More Like China?

Is America becoming more like China under President Obama? Or should we be upset that it isn't? We'll talk about the President's jarring diplomatic trip to Asia and how the markets responded to Ben Bernanke's New York speech on today's Coffee and Markets.


Retail, Ben Bernanke, and Auditing the Fed

It's another day with the Federal Reserve at the center of discussion as Ben Bernanke heads to New York City to give some significant remarks. Should the Fed be more transparent? Should it be audited? We'll talk about that and how the markets respond to the latest retail report on the latest podcast.


Obamacare vs. the American Entrepreneur

For the latest edition of Coffee and Markets, we'll be talking about health care, and how President Obama's policies could actually hurt the American entrepreneur. We also have a big announcement of a new sponsor and home for the podcast.


China, Prosperity, and the Berlin Wall

President Obama heads to China this weekend for a four day trip at a key juncture for the global economy. What are some of the lessons we've learned about prosperity and capitalism in the twenty years since the Berlin Wall fell? All this and more on the latest edition of Coffee and Markets.