Monthly Archives: November 2009


Christopher Dodd's Big Regulation Push

Today Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd will present his proposed reforms of financial regulation, which could have massive ramifications for American banks and the entire economy. Will these reforms do anything to stop another crash, or will they spell the end of American small business?


The Market, Health Care, and Moral Hazard

Today's Coffee and Markets podcast focuses on the surge in stock markets around the globe, the health care vote over the weekend, and the difficulty of regulating moral hazard.


Winners, Losers, and Lessons From Election 09

Today's podcast takes another break from market and economic coverage to focus on the ramifications of this week's elections: who are some of the winners and losers who might not be obvious? What are some of the unexpected lessons? TNL's Brad Jackson offers his take.


Dodd, Frank, and the Big Banking Overhaul

Today's podcast focuses on Sen. Chris Dodd's proposal for a vast overhaul of the banking regulatory framework, weakening the Federal Reserve, and Rep. Barney Frank's letter putting pressure on bank regulators to loosen up capital flows.


The State of the Market and Election Fallout

Today's podcast focuses on Nouriel Roubini's controversial arguments on the state of the marketplace, the ramifications of the Federal Reserve's meetings today in Washington, and the fallout for Democrats after Republicans swept key gubernatorial races by wide margins in Virginia and healthy ones in New Jersey.


Four Seasons of Awesome: Urbaniak on Venture Bros

Special guest James Urbaniak -- the mellifluously voiced star of stage, screen, and hit cult TV show The Venture Bros -- joins Ben Domenech for the latest edition of a podcast trilogy, featuring a discussion on Hollywood, Comic Con 2009, and most importantly, what it's like being Rusty Venture for four seasons.


Politics and Populism: Off-Year Election Lessons

Today's podcast is a break from our normal discussion of the marketplace, with a conversation focusing on the lessons and potential outcomes of the off-year elections, including the gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia and the special election in New York's 23rd District with TNL Senior Writer Brad Jackson.