Daily Archives: 9 Dec ’09


Obama's TARP Audacity: Will This Fix Anything?

President Obama wants to expand TARP to cover stimulus spending, handing out cash to small businesses to offset the egregious economic policies he's adopted (and in the case of health care, plans to adopt) damaging their ability to hire anyone. We'll discuss his Brookings Institution speech on today's edition of Coffee and Markets.


Introducing Edgecast: Is Method Acting Dead?

Our new sister site, Edge, is focused on all the fascinating things about pop culture that we don't cover in our mix of politics, foreign policy, and the marketplace. In our first Edgecast, I ask Cole Abaius of FilmSchoolRejects: Is method acting really dead? Can a style of acting die? What does that even mean? And he answers, with bonus Richard Milhous Nixon references.