Monthly Archives: December 2009


What Will Make America Hire Again?

The President holds a jobs summit, but doesn't invite the biggest actual producers of jobs -- instead stacking the deck with people who believe there just hasn't been enough government reallocation of taxpayer money. We'll talk about the summit and the latest details of upheaval at General Motors in today's edition of Coffee and Markets.


How is Barack Obama Like Charlie Weis?

So he came in as a great recruiter, a great builder, a new innovator, already with the rings on his finger, the prizes around his neck, and he was going to make everything better -- but then he started losing people, right and left, and the team he built crumbled. It's time we started asking: is Barack Obama going to end up like Charlie Weis?


Will America's Economic Troubles Prevent Future Afghanistans?

What if a future President wants to go to war or ship more troops overseas to protect American interests, but can't because China won't let him? Could this actually happen? We'll discuss Niall Ferguson's latest and the dangerous foreign policy ramifications of America's current path on the latest edition of Coffee and Markets.