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Citizens United, Israel, and Capitol Hill

The recent Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court has major national ramifications for the sphere of politics and advertising. The New Ledger's Brad Jackson and Pejman Yousefzadeh discuss this decision, as well as questions about Israel and the US, and Capitol Hill salaries, on today's broadcast

Wall Street Bull

Violence, Upheaval, and Our Economic Future

In this week's podcast, we talk about the controversial issue of political violence in response to health care's passage, the upheaval in the marketplace, and whether the United States is becoming more like Europe.


Obamacare: A Big Effing Deal

What are the ramifications for Obamacare? Will the President's health care package benefit his party, or hurt them at the polls? Brad Jackson and Pejman Yousefzadeh discuss.


Obamacare's End

Coffee & Markets will wait til Sunday (we want to see how things turn out), so here’s a brief podcast with a few thoughts from me on the eve of health care reform’s final vote: “Obama‚Äôs dedication to passing this spectacularly flawed and unpopular health […]

Barack Obama

Coffee and Markets: Financial Regulation and Obamacare

In this week's edition of Coffee and Markets, we'll talk about the fallout from a failed attempt by Senators Dodd and Corker to make new financial regulations bipartisan, the latest activity on the bond markets, and what's next for Obamacare.


The Unemployment Numbers and America's Jobs Problem

In this week's edition of Coffee and Markets, we'll talk about the unemployment numbers released this morning and the debate about America's jobs problem in the context of declines in education.