Monthly Archives: January 2011


Nobody Goes to the Movies Anymore

Today on Coffee and Markets Francis Cianfrocca and I discuss the decay of the movie business, the challenges of running a hedge fund, and the banal business practices of Goldman Sachs.


The CPAC Controversy: Big Trouble for the Conservative Movement?

Today on Coffee and Markets we're joined by Matt Lewis of Politics Daily to discuss the recent controversy over the CPAC gathering among conservatives and whether the 2012 field will mark an end to Fusionism on the right.


Melissa Clouthier: How Should Tea Partiers Respond to Media Smears?

Today on Coffee and Markets we're talking to Melissa Clouthier of LibertyPundits who shares her views on the political fallout from the Arizona shooting. We also discuss whether Congressional staff should be armed, and how the right should respond to the smears of old media.


Market Questions for 2011

Coffee and Markets is back from our holiday offseason to talk about what 2011 will bring, the rise of China, the challenge of microfinance, and Thomas Sowell's take on Federal Reserve policy.