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Back to the Blog Austan Goolsbee's Exit and Debating the Need for QE3


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On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Pejman Yousefzadeh and Elizabeth Blackney discuss the exit of Austan Goolesbee from Obama’s economic team and the need for a QE3.

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  • Publis Smith

    I agree completely with Pej that Elizabeth needs to stop interrupting. She complains that he talks too long. Well, that is what happens when someone explains a complex situation. Pej could use buzzwords like “trying to have it both ways” (which I have heard Elizabeth say EVERY podcast she is on) or the number of simple, insulting and degrading comments she makes about anyone connected with the Obama administration. If you listen Elizabeth, you can actually hear that Pej does not agree with most Obama-related items and does not “defend” them as you CONSTANTLY state. What Pej is doing is being respectful and intelligently analytical – as opposed to Elizabeth’s insulting, simple-minded, blatantly partisan and obtuse remarks that take away from hearing an educated individual explain an issue. I’m sorry to say Elizabeth, but it is you that is the hack you so often accuse others of.

    Love Coffee and Markets!! Listen to everyone of them. Keep up the good work (and mute Elizabeth until Pej is done).