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On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech discuss recent polls showing Americans want entitlement reform, but not entitlement reforms that impact them, and skyrocketing insurance premiums under Obamacare and the implementation of state exchanges.

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  • NormD

    Perhaps people don’t want to see their benefits cut because they don’t see a government that is acting like there is a reason to cut benefits.

    I have worked for several companies that have seen sales decline and had to cut costs. Whether it makes sense or not the first message that was sent to employees was not to ask for shutdown days or forced vacation or hiring freezes or salary cuts – it was to cut back on visible expenses. The front lobby remodel is cancelled. Employees are told that cannot go to training classes. Mangers are told to fly coach not business. All departments are asked to find ways to cut costs. Capital projects are forced to be rejustified with faster ROIs.

    These cuts send a message that the company is having serious problems.

    If later, employees are told that the company is having a shutdown week, employees are mentally prepared.

    Nothing creates grumbling like forcing a shutdown week but buying new furniture. It doesn’t matter if the furniture expense is cheap, its the message.

    If you want taxpayers to accept entitlement cuts, the first step is to CUT other parts of government! Even if these cuts don’t solve the problem, they send the correct message. No one will accept entitlement cuts if they see the other parts of government screaming that there is no way they can cut costs 2% or whatever.

    One other thing I learned. Times of cost cutting are always an opportunity to reengineer your
    processes to be more efficient. These new processes continue when the
    good times return. People who are unwilling to try to improve things
    are worse than useless. There are always a few of them that put their foot down and say “fine, if they cut my budget 10%, then I am going to do 10% less work!”. These people must be fired. Immediately. Mercilessly.

  • JasonK

    Just listened to this edition of your podcast and, as always, found it as entertaining as it was informative. I happily admit that I’m a devotee/subscriber and listen as often as possible. Jackson, Domenech and Cianfrocca are a trio of awesomeness.

    I don’t typically comment or contribute (although I do find myself annoyingly opinionated), but I felt compelled to offer up a quick correction. Brad Jackson mentioned the six states that were opting in for state exchanges under the Obamacare plan; one of them being North Carolina. Happily (and I speak on behalf of my great state of North Carolina), this is no longer correct.

    Yes, at one point, under Governor Beverly Purdue, North Carolina WAS going to be opting in. However, newly elected Pat McCrory has said that he will reverse this decision and North Carolina will not participate. I believe that this was a minor reason why he won the race, although I think it was mostly due to the fact that he wasn’t Walter Dalton, who was incorrectly associated with the troubles Ms. Purdue had amassed over her time as governor.

    So, unless we have heard or read somewhere that Governor-elect McCrory is going to move forward with a state exchange, you can safely take us off that list.

    Side note: In regards to state participation in Obamacare, the state to watch in the coming months is Utah: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2012/11/20/utahs-big-obamacare-gamble/

    Thanks for putting out such a quality product and I look forward to my daily listen.