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Back to the Blog Mike Pence’s Medicaid Expansion Boondoggle


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On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Kristina Ribali to discuss Mike Pence’s “Healthy Indiana” plan, why it’s really Medicaid expansion and the reason’s it is nothing like an HSA.

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  • Fred Chittenden

    Follow the money for what’s behind Medicaid expansion — cronyism.

    Medicaid claims are processed by the big insurance carriers. It’s like gravy to them — they get paid for processing the claim. However, unlike when their insurance company has to pay the claim, it’s the taxpayers who pay the claim AND THE CLAIM PROCESSING FEE.

    The carriers siphon redirect a portion of what they get paid for processing Medicaid claims into their political lobbying operations. The more claims they process, the more that’s available to buy re-election votes from weak willed politicians (of either party) to support more and more Medicaid claims to be processed… What could possibly go wrong?

    Seems like when crony folks get XXXXXX bucks from the gubermint/taxpayer special interest deals, their ability to buy more votes with that money should be severely limited… These sorts of crony special interests deals made by both parties are at the core of what is wrong with our Oconomy these days.

    The Federal gubermint, according to the Preamble of the Constitution is supposed to be promoting (not providing special interest corporate welfare) the general welfare. This is to be done while preserving an individual’s liberty to choose how do their own stuff, like how to pay for their own health care in an dynamic, individually driven health care social marketplace that is also sensitive to the needs of those of limited means…