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Coffee and Markets: Debt and the Inevitability of Higher Taxes

It's time for your weekly dose of markets and politics with Coffee and Markets, featuring The New Ledger's Francis Cianfrocca, a podcast brought to you by the fine folks at Andrew Breitbart's BigGovernment.com and LibertyPundits.com, your new home for Conservative podcasts. In this week's edition, we hash out what's happening in Greece and the global markets, President Obama's broken promises on taxes, and what lies ahead for the big entitlement bomb.


Paul Krugman and the Future of the Marketplace

In the wake of a stunning political result in Massachusetts, it's time to assess the future Scott Brown dictates for the market, for the Democrats, and for the country. It's the third week of January 2010, and here's the latest edition of Coffee and Markets, a weekly podcast from The New Ledger on politics, policy and the marketplace with Francis Cianfrocca, brought to you by BigGovernment.com.

Howard Dean;Howard Dean

Bernanke's the Man, Dean Slams Health Care, and Mortgages Stink

Ben Bernanke is Time's person of the year, Howard Dean takes up arms against the Senate health care bill, and Megan McArdle says we all have a moral obligation to pay our mortgages, whether it makes financial sense or not. We'll discuss all that and more on today's edition of Coffee and Markets.


Joe Lieberman Always Gets His Way

If there's one thing we've learned over the past few years, it's that we should never doubt the abilities of Joe Lieberman to get what he wants, and the willingness of Harry Reid to cave in the clutch. We'll discuss where health care goes from here, the latest on the markets, and a disturbing trend in food prices on today's edition of Coffee and Markets.


Health Care Update: Prospects in the Senate

As the Senate considers a health care bill that amounts to the largest entitlement expansion in American history, we sit down today with health care and budget policy expert James Capretta to discuss the prospects in the Senate and the wide-ranging economic ramifications of the current legislation.


How is Barack Obama Like Charlie Weis?

So he came in as a great recruiter, a great builder, a new innovator, already with the rings on his finger, the prizes around his neck, and he was going to make everything better -- but then he started losing people, right and left, and the team he built crumbled. It's time we started asking: is Barack Obama going to end up like Charlie Weis?


Reid's Massive Health Care Mess

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has finally brought out the health care bill he's fashioned behind closed doors over the past several weeks, and it ain't pretty. It's a massive piece of legislation, but will it actually solve any of America's health care problems?


Obamacare vs. the American Entrepreneur

For the latest edition of Coffee and Markets, we'll be talking about health care, and how President Obama's policies could actually hurt the American entrepreneur. We also have a big announcement of a new sponsor and home for the podcast.


The Market, Health Care, and Moral Hazard

Today's Coffee and Markets podcast focuses on the surge in stock markets around the globe, the health care vote over the weekend, and the difficulty of regulating moral hazard.

Harry Reid's Gambit: Is Opting Out a Gimmick?

Today's podcast focuses on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's announcement that the government-run health care plan will be included in the Senate version of health care legislation, while giving states the ability to opt-out.

Rate Rumors and Reid's Health Care Failure

Today's podcast focuses on the rumors circulating about the Federal Reserve's plans for an interest rate hike, and an update on where things stand on health care reform on Capitol Hill in the wake of a failed vote on doctor's payments.

Health Care Fallout: Insurers, Unions Turn on Bill

Today's Coffee and Markets podcast focuses on the Senate Finance Committee's passage of the Chairman's Mark, the fallout for the insurance industry, and the broader ramifications for the marketplace.