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Yeah, Bernanke's Back

Bernanke's back, the State of the Union is one long chiding of the country, and the markets continue their turmoil on the latest edition of Coffee and Markets, your weekly podcast on politics and the economy with Francis Cianfrocca.


Paul Krugman and the Future of the Marketplace

In the wake of a stunning political result in Massachusetts, it's time to assess the future Scott Brown dictates for the market, for the Democrats, and for the country. It's the third week of January 2010, and here's the latest edition of Coffee and Markets, a weekly podcast from The New Ledger on politics, policy and the marketplace with Francis Cianfrocca, brought to you by BigGovernment.com.


Coffee and Markets: What Obama's Big New Bank Fee Means for You

It's the triumphant return of Coffee and Markets for 2010 with Francis Cianfrocca, brought to you by BigGovernment.com. We're talking China and Obama's bank fee on this new edition, which includes an announcement about the future of the broadcast.


Too Big To Fail Reconsidered

Muscling through a rough cold, Francis shares his thoughts on an interesting piece on the Too Big to Fail concept in the latest issue of National Affairs on today's edition of Coffee and Markets: "The errors laid bare by the financial crisis clearly call for regulatory reform. But in designing that reform, we should avoid the temptation to seek heavy-handed new approaches — and should instead look to the long-term success of the system of rules whose decay brought about the crisis."

Barack Obama

Obama to Fat Cat Bankers: Refinance or Else

President Obama says he's going to have a “serious talk” with bankers today to pressure them to provide more credit. Why? Well, because if you're upside down on your house today and want to take advantage of low rates, your bank is just as likely to say, "eh, no thanks, we'll just keep making money." We'll discuss this and more on today's edition of Coffee and Markets.


Better Living Through Defaulting: Just Walk Away From Your Home

So let's say you're stuck in a house that the bank says is worth half a million, but the market says it's worth only a quarter of that. What if it turned out you could walk away from it and rent not just another house, but a bigger house, for less money? What if four million of your friends figured this was a good idea, too? We'll discuss this and more on today's edition of Coffee and Markets.


It's Time to Ask: Who Could Replace Ben Bernanke?

So it's time we asked the question: if not Ben Bernanke, who could be the next Fed chairman? And what are we going to do about job creation, since the president seems more interested in holding pointless conferences to waste time talking about job creation? It's our 100th episode -- time flies!


Job Numbers, Bernanke Holds, and News Media Realities

Tons of news in the market today as we unpack the surprisingly good job numbers, the Senate holds placed on Ben Bernanke's renomination, and the massive Comcast-NBC deal and what it says about the new realities for mass media -- all on the 99th edition of Coffee and Markets.


What Will Make America Hire Again?

The President holds a jobs summit, but doesn't invite the biggest actual producers of jobs -- instead stacking the deck with people who believe there just hasn't been enough government reallocation of taxpayer money. We'll talk about the summit and the latest details of upheaval at General Motors in today's edition of Coffee and Markets.


Bargain Hunting and Our New Economic Reality

So, how was Black Friday for you? For retailers, it was a time to go looking for small reasons for optimism, but the comparison to 2008 is essentially flat. How will the markets react, and what's the deal with Dubai? We'll discuss it all on the latest edition of Coffee and Markets.


Dubai Causes a Black Friday for Global Markets

News from Dubai is rocking and rolling world markets today, as an $80 billion default could spawn a broad wave of activity and expose the tenuous status of the banking system. We're talking global markets on the Black Friday edition of Coffee and Markets.


Retail, Ben Bernanke, and Auditing the Fed

It's another day with the Federal Reserve at the center of discussion as Ben Bernanke heads to New York City to give some significant remarks. Should the Fed be more transparent? Should it be audited? We'll talk about that and how the markets respond to the latest retail report on the latest podcast.